The Beaches: An area of old homes and funky shops that borders Lake Ontario starting from the foot of Woodbine Avenue all the way to Victoria Park Avenue.  This is a great area to simply enjoy a walk along the boardwalk or stop for a coffee or bistro lunch or dinner on Queen Street East. Queen Street East is the main artery of the Beaches, where you will be able to find dozens of cafes and restaurants and shops selling everything from clothes and household goods to Wiccan supplies. Even on cold winter days, this street is full of people!   

Scarborough Bluffs: The Bluffs are almost more of a state of mind than an actual destination:  they are hard to see from the land side. One of the best places to gain an appreciation of the Bluffs is from  Bluffer’s Park at the foot of Brimley Road in Scarborough.  This is an area that attracts boaters: there is a public marina and a public beach as well as four private yacht clubs.

One of the best-kept secrets of Toronto is the waterfront trail from the foot of Galloway Road in Scarborough. It’s hard to find but worth it if you are in search of a natural environment in the middle of the city.  An ongoing project to control erosion of the Bluffs has led to the creation of a walking/cycling trail that is now several kilometers long.  Here you will see foxes, deer and other wildlife in a natural environment close to the lakeshore. There are very few people who take the trouble to find this place, so you won’t be bothered by crowds.  To get to it you have to go straight to the end of Galloway Road, then park (if the gate is open) in the parking lot. Otherwise, walk through the parking lot and on the west side you will find a path and an old road that leads down to the lake. Just follow the road which will take you to the west-bound trail along the lakeshore.  It’s a beautiful and peaceful place. 

Another great area to explore is the St Lawrence Market.  It's located at Front and Jarvis and features the freshest food you will find in the city; they are closed Sunday and Monday.

Eating and Entertainment

If you like Japanese food, one the best restaurants in Toronto is located in a grungy little strip plaza in Scarborough.  It’s called Zen - call ahead for reservations.  416-265-7111.

Northwest of the city in Woodbridge is the Colossus Movie Theatre (showtimes).  It's a gigantic movie theatre that looks like a flying saucer.