Things to do :

Don't be frightened to walk around. It is flat and safe especially if you are located in the downtown area. Don't forget your comfortable shoes.

The Harbour Front is great for people watching day or night and the restaurants aren't  expensive. Try the quirky Pier 4.

Use the hop on hop off tour bus to get your bearings and see alot in a short time.

Try Eggspectations in Yonge Street for an excellent breakfast.

Don't miss out on a trip to Niagra Falls. Try the "Chariots of Fire" tour. Say 'hello" to Joseph if he is your driver. Treat yourself to the helicopter ride over the Falls.It is just spectacular.

If you like jazz go to the Rex Hotel  for relaxation daytime or in the evening.

If you wonder where the shops are; they are mostly underground. It would be pity to miss out on the shopping!

Take a local ferry,rather than an excursion to the Toronto Islands .Great views back to the city. Very tranquil .Hire a bike and chill out.  Do an evening trip to see the city lit up.

Use the streetcar to get to the Beaches and see the scenes along the way.Allow a morning or afternoon to walk the boardwalk and browse the shops.

St. Lawrence Market is worth a visit to see an amazing range of food produce.

Go for a walk through China Town and try one the cafe/restaurants used by the locals.

Queues for the CN Tower are off -putting but if you go for 9am and get a place before the tour buses start it is worthwhile.Pass on the coffee as it is expensive and not very good.

The people are very helpful and friendly.There are laot of panhandlers in the Summer but  they aren't aggressive or threatening.

The Metropolitan Hotel in Chestnut Street is in a great location and the price is extremely good value for money. The beds are big and very comfortable .The pool and hot tub will be much appreciated after a long day sight seeing.

A short break of 4 days in the city is thoroughly enjoyable.