There are many wonderful, less well known, events in Toronto's vicinity which are definitely worth exploring. These are the hidden gems. You can transfer yourself to the Middle Ages or to the middle of a battle in the War of 1812. You can take a trip to Scotland, just few minutes outside of the city. You are not just a passive spectator, the action is all around you. Experience knights on horses, jousting just a few feet away from you, or watch soldiers fire their cannons while the cavalry is galloping right in front of you. Taste some haggis and party into the night with some Scottish-Canadian talent and guys in kilts. It is very educational for children and lots of fun for parents. These events are far more free and less structured than commercial venues and can be more fun. Not to mention the price and that most of these are outdoor events, so you do get to enjoy the short Canadian summer. You get to talk to all the participants, who have always turned out being very knowledgeable.

For an up-to-date calendar of events in Toronto, please visit the city of Toronto's events calendar .

Gregor's Crossing 2006