Experience the warmth of the sun, the dampness of the rain, or the cold of snow.  The city is a spectacular place to visit anytime. 

Visiting in the Spring, the average temperature is approx 12C (54F) high.   During these months, take in films, festivals and shows. 

Once Summer kicks in the average temperature is approx 21C (70F) low. Much more is available to be enjoyed, such as patios, nightly walks, beaches, visits to the Toronto Islands, street fairs & festivals, and so much more.  Be prepared for stifiling humidity, which produces days of heat alerts.  Late June to early September is the warmest weather.

When Autumn comes around there are the amazing Fall colours of the changing leaves, creating a spectacular view.    The temperatures gradually gets cooler to about 11C (52F) high.  The street festivals and/or events start to wind down, but the shows are back on at the various convention centres, theatres, and many daily events continue. 

With the eventual arrival of Winter, temperatures slowly creep lower to approximately -1C (31F) high.  Santa and his yearly parade, the display of city lights, the eventual falling of snow and the preparation of the coming New Year!   Late November to mid-March are the coldest months.

Toronto is always a great place to visit, at anytime of the year.  Bring your friends and family and experience all there is to see and do.