Toronto has its own bohemian heart. It wears it on its sleeve. Queen Street West is considered Toronto ’s SoHo district with its many fashionable stores, restaurants and bars like the Rivoli and the Horseshoe. Bands like Death Cab for Cutie, Teenage Head, The Tragically Hip, Willie Nelson and the Barenaked Ladies have once graced the stage of the Horseshoe. It’s a great place to enjoy a brewski while hanging with your mates and enjoying some tunes emanating from the stage.

Queen West also has great retail stores and is home to the nation’s music station MuchMusic. Many bands from Duran Duran to the Back Street Boys have stopped traffic when they visited the Much environment. Every year the Much Music Video Awards is a spectacle which attracts throngs of fans for performances and awards being handed out. Rain or shine the show trudges on! Comic book stores, vintage clothing stores and retail stores peddling your regular trendy lines dot the area.