To become immersed in East Indian culture it would be great to visit the Gerrard India Bazaar ( on Gerrard St. just west of Coxwell Ave. There are many restaurants where you can indulge in butter or tandoori chicken, mango lassi, naan, basmati rice bathed in curry or many other delicious Indian dishes. Colorful saris can also be found in some of the retail stores in a plethora of hues. For those curious in Eastern faiths there are various statues of Hindu deities in bronze, or other materials, which can decorate your abode to add a nice touch of spirituality.

The Gerrard India Bazaar is a short drive from downtown. The College streetcar heading east to Main Subway Station is about a twenty to thirty minute ride to the epicenter of this bustling neighborhood – get off the streetcar anywhere between Woodfield Rd. and Coxwell Ave.