With a large number of visitors to Stratford, comes a large number of restaurants.  The city is relatively compact in size, and many of the restaurants are within walking distance of the theatres. 

The best gourmet restaurants include Rundles, Bijou, and The (Old) Prune. 

As for casual eateries, check-out Down the Street, Sophisto-Bistro, Rene's, The Belfrey, Evergreen Terrace, Keystone Alley, or, Pazzo Pizzeria (out-of-town, near St. Marys, Woolfy's at Wildwood).

For quick bites, try Boomer's Fries, York St. Kitchen on Erie, or, The County Food Co., are all good options. 

Most B&B's in town provide huge breakfasts.  But, if you are looking for a greasy spoon, try Feature's, Let Them Eat Cake, or, Madelyn's.