Niagara Falls is beautiful, whether you visit the Canadian side or the American side. For the most complete view you need to do both.  See the traveler article “Canada – Crossing the Border” for entry requirements.

This awesome destination can be viewed from all angles and there are plenty of attractions to give you great exposure to the gigantic falls.

The wonderful advantage of visiting the Falls, is that there is so much more to participate in besides just seeing the Falls, such as the vineyards, wineries, botanical gardens (tended by the School of Horticulture), War of 1812 venues along with Fort George, historic Niagara-on-the-Lake with its shops, boutiques, spas and fine restaurants. You can get authentic British fish and chips in a British pub or take a carriage ride through town. For theater lovers, the wonderful Shaw Festival is a "must visit"  There are water parks, golf courses, fishing, hiking, biking to compliment the geological wonder of this area. Top the whole thing off with a little gambling at one or both casinos.

Many of the attractions have discounted rates available at hotels where attractions pamphlets are on display.  There are are also free attractions such as the Floral Clock.   

There are plenty of  motorcoach tours of the area are available as well, which include visits to a variety of attractions. 

Niagara Falls is a destination which has something for everyone and if you plan carefully you can find ways to see and do everything without breaking the bank!