The Shopping Scene in Halifax:

As the largest Canadian city east of Montreal, Halifax offers visitors a very diverse shopping experience.  There are large and airy shopping centres, pedestrian-friendly shopping streets, and everything else in between.  Prices are slightly lower here than the rest of Canada so visitors from the USA and Europe can expect to save quite a bit of money on electronics and fashions.  Please note that  15% HST is not included in marked prices and some smaller stores are closed on Sundays.  Most stores are closed on holidays, with a few exceptions.  The listings below will help visitors get the most from their experience shopping in the Halifax region.

Shopping Streets:

1. Spring Garden Road: This is the city's premier shopping street.  Notable shops / shopping centres include: 24 hour Shoppers Drug Mart with Beauty Boutique, Mills Brothers Department Store, Cleves Sporting Goods, The Bookmark, Park Lane Shopping Centre, and Roots Canada.  One of the city's best cinemas is located in Park Lane Shopping Centre.  Spring Garden Road is also a great place to have a meal. Off the beaten path: Atlantic News, at the intersection of Morris and Queen, is not far away and the best place in the city to buy magazines and newspapers.

 2. Barrington Street:  This is Spring Garden Road's main downtown rival.  Barrington Street's strength is its lack of chain stores and its wealth of interesting boutiques.  Notable shops / shopping centres: Sam the Record Man, Doull's Bookstore, Freak Lunchbox, as well as Scotia Square Shopping Centre which has a very popular lunchtime food court.  Note: The city's best felafel can be found in the food court at Ray's. 

Shopping Malls:

1. Mic Mac Mall: Located in Dartmouth, Mic Mac Mall is one of the largest malls in the region.  It offers mostly chain store shopping at reasonable prices.  The mall has free parking and is easily reached from Halifax via Metro Transit buses.  Notable stores include: Chapters, Futureshop, HMV, Old Navy, The Bay, American Eagle, Winner's HomeSense, Eddie Bauer, The Gap, Athlete's World, and Roots.

 2. Halifax Shopping Centre: Located in the city's West End, this gargantuan shopping complex is easily reached by car or by bus from downtown and offers mostly chain store shopping.  Notable stores include: Footlocker, Chomel, The Body Shop, Sears, Walmart, Pier 1 Imports, The Gap, American Eagle, Roots, and Winners.

3. Bayer's Lake Business Park: Everything in Bayer's Lake is big.  Big box stores, big selection, big savings. A car is pretty much essential if you plan on taking advantage of the shopping out here.  Watch out on Saturday, as traffic is a major headache from mid-morning to late-afternoon. Main stores: Walmart, Price Club, Staples, Futureshop, Old Navy, Winner's and Kent.  The city's biggest cineplex is also located here and is very popular on Sundays.