Many people write a trip report on TripAdvisor after a holiday. Each one is very different. Some give a detailed itinerary with information on accommodation and eating out. Others give personal views of activities and places visited. Some have information on hiking trails. They are a useful source of ideas for visitors planning a trip.

Below is a list of trip reports which have been produced over the last couple years on the Nova Scotia forum. The more recent reports are listed first. 

At the end are links to photographs of Nova Scotia.




Impulsive this weekend - Nov. 7 

See Post 15 for the highlights of a last minute weekend trip which started with the arrival by ferry from Digby and finished with a long drive back to Maine.


Mahone Bay 

See post #4 for a link to a blog about a Tauck 11 day Maritime Tour. 


Initial Planning - Road Trip Including Nova Scotia 

See Post #9 for a link to a blog with photos and descriptions of this trip which included a week in Nova Scotia, including Cape D'Or, Cape Breton and Brier Island.


Nova Scotia: 6 days + kids this July

Report (post #15) of a brief trip which included Halifax, a bit of the South Shore and Cape Breton. 


8 day trip planned in Sept.

"To say we had an amazing time is an understatement." See Post #14 for a report of a quick trip to Peggy's Cove, Halifax and Cape Breton.


Nova Scotia in a Day 

A thread with questions, answers and (post#13) a brief report of a one day trip to Halifax and Peggy's Cove from Moncton.


TR: From Cape Breton to Brier Island (Caution: Very Long)

A very useful, detailed day by day account of an eleven day visit to Nova Scotia by a woman on her own. It includes stays at an airport hotel, car rental information, links to review pages for places where she stayed, restaurants, and for some sights and activities. Her trip included numerous hikes in Cape Breton, Cape Chignecto Park, Brier Island, and Blomidon Park. She rafted on the tidal bore, went whale watching in the Bay of Fundy, stayed in the Lighthousekeeper's House at Cape D'Or, walked the fossil beach at Joggins among other things.

Itinerary help for a traveller with mobility issues

See post #15 for a brief report of a very short trip after some questions and answers in the planning process. The visitor went from Yarmouth up the south shore stopping in Shelburne, Mahone Bay, Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove and Halifax. They then went to Hall's Harbour, Annapolis Royal and Digby Neck.


Trip Report - Annapolis Valley, Halifax, South Shore, and New Brunswick 

A great report on two weeks in Nova Scotia by someone who makes an annual visit to her native province. There are many tips on things to see and do and places to eat.


Trip Report 8/4-8/11 Cape Breton and Fundy with kids

An interesting, detailed report of a short trip involving a drive from Maine with a stop in Moncton on the way to Cape Breton. The family loved Cheticamp, went whale watching from Pleasant Bay, stayed at Keltic Lodge and swam at Broad Cove, and stayed in Baddeck one night. They then spent three nights in Advocate Harbour on the beach where they enjoyed fantastic meals at Wild Caraway and the Lighthouse at Cape D'Or, visited the fossil cliffs in Joggins, and went kayaking with Nova Shores.


6 night trip report

A great report of a  quick trip of only four full days to Cape Breton, Burntcoat Head and a final evening in Halifax. The visitors went on quite a few hikes (Middle Head, Franey, Jack Pine, Meat Cove, MacIntosh Brook, Skyline, and the Acadian Trail) and gave their impressions of each. They went whale watching and took in two musical evenings in Ingonish and the Red Shoe Pub.


Takeaways from a wonderful trip

A report on a family trip from Maine via the Nova Star ferry. They spent eight nights in Nova Scotia, going to The Annapolis Valley, the Arisaig and Cape George areas in Antigonish County, Cape Breton, Halifax, Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg. There are comments on the ferry, our roads, food, coffee and ice cream, hiking, forts and towns and beaches.


10 Night Maritime Tour 

A ten night, eleven day quick trip driving from Ottawa and back with stops in Quebec City, Fredericton, Charlottetown, Baddeck, Halifax, Moncton, Riviere du Loup. They hit some of the highlights including the Cabot Trail, whale watching, lobster supper, the Halifax waterfront and Peggy's Cove.


 Nova Scotia Trip Report

An  an 11-day, 10-night trip to Cape Breton, PEI, Wolfville, Lunenburg and Halifax, including a very romantic, well planned proposal.


Trip Report - Cape Breton and Nova Scotia

A detailed Report of a two week trip to Nova Scotia with time spent in Cape Breton, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal and the upper Bay of Fundy.


3 weeks in June 2015

A brief report (Post #9) of a trip to the Maritimes. Stops in Nova Scotia included Halifax, the south shore, Kejimkukik Park, Cape 
Split, Advocate Harbour and Cape Chignecto Park, and Cape Breton.


Trip Report - Halifax to Cape Breton

A visitor  on a Brief Trip to Nova Scotia, partly for business, describes time spent on the Halifax waterfront; on a drive which included Duncan's Cove, Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg; and a very quick trip around the Cabot Trail and up to Bay St. Lawrence.


Recommendations needed for day tour operators out of Halifax 

Visitor on a brief trip to Halifax ended up renting a car for the day, visiting Grand Pre, Lunenburg and Peggy's Cove among other places. 



Canadian Maritimes/Nova Scotia driving tour - Sep '14

An interesting, detailed account of a nine day "quick but wonderful tour of the Fundy Coast, Nova Scotia and parts of PEI."  These people covered a huge amount of territory, making some plans and changing them on the go. Places visited included the Fundy coast in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Burntcoat Head, Windsor, Wolfville, Grand Pre, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Halifax, Peggy's Cove, the Eastern Shore (Charlos Cove & Guysboro), Cape Breton (Ile Madam, Glace Bay, Sydney, Cabot Trail, Ceilidh Trail), Pictou, PEI, and back through New Brunswick.

Cape Breton Island - Trip Report (Long)

detailed account of a visit to Cape Breton during the Celtic Colours Festival. This includes a stay of one week in Baddeck, live music events, local suppers, a short hike, driving around the Cabot Trail, numerous visits to artisans and shops.  The visit also included a brief stop in Pictou. “We knew the countryside would be beautiful but who knew the people would be so lovely!”

Comments/suggestions on this NS trip itinerary 

A detailed account  (post #12) of a quick visit to Nova Scotia in October, including Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg, Cape Breton, Maitland, and the Fundy shore. 

My Nova Scotia Trip Report

report of a visit to Nova Scotia with stays based on the south shore and Annapolis Valley. Day trips also included Ross Farm, Digby, Church Point, Brier Island. Their interests included history and historical sites and museums,  and the outdoors.

Trip Report - Touring Nova Scotia over 3 week period

An interesting account of a visit to Nova Scotia by four seniors from England. They covered most of the province, visiting many museums and attractions along the way. They spent time in Halifax, the South Shore around to the Annapolis Valley, Truro, Shubenacadie, Pictou, Cape Breton (all around the Ceilidh Trail, Cabot Trail and the Bras D'Or Lakes and to Glace Bay and Louisbourg, Sherbrooke, Sheet Harbour and Dartmouth. 

Just got back from our trip to Nova Scotia

 A brief report of a very quick trip to Louisbourg and Pictou. 

Trip Report 8/28-9/07 Part 1: Halifax, Peggy's Cove, L'burg 

wonderful report of a brief visit to the Halifax area, staying in Elmsdale. This account includes general comments and tips and a description of very brief visits in Halifax, Peggy's Cove and Lunenburg. A link to absolutely stunning photos is here.

Trip Report 8/28-9/07 Part 2: Cape Breton Island

"Probably the most beautiful part of the trip."  This describes the advantages of flexible plans as they changed according to weather. They got off the paved roads and saw magnicicent scenery, wildlife including bald eagles, moose and pilot whales. They visited Meat Cove, drove the Cabot Trail and took several hikes. See the link above in part 1 for photos.

Trip Report 8/28-9/07 Part 3: Advocate Harbour

The final couple days of their trip. This describes their stay at the Lighthouse at Cape D'Or, wonderful meals there and at Wild Caraway, several hikes in Cape Chignecto Park, and a sunrise, two sunsets and the tidal rips at Cape D'Or. See the link above in part 1 for some wonderful photos.

Summertime & the Living is Easy!

Super detailed report of a three week visit to the Annapolis Valley, Halifax and the South Shore. This is full of great places to visit and eat. 

Heading to Wolfville tomorrow from Halifax

A visitor posted a question about what to do during a day trip to Wolfville, received some advice and reported on his day. This included the Look Off on the way to Scots Bay and Hall's Harbour  to observe the tides and including a lobster lunch.

Nova Scotia Itinerary

A very thorough detailed account of a two week trip, including Halifax, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Cape Breton and the Eastern Shore by some people interested in history.  

Best route to drive to Halifax from Toronto 

See Post #34, page 4 for a short report of a quick drive from Toronto and a few days spent in the Halifax area. 

Suggestions for Nova Scotia

See post #5 for a report and tips about Cape Breton, the Fundy Shore, and the South Shore. 

Trip Report for Nova Scotia

Report of a return trip to Nova Scotia, including one night stays in Advocate Harbour, Truro, Halifax, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Brier Island and Digby. Highlights included eating at Wild Caraway, a boat trip on the Bay of Fundy, Citadel Hill, Peggy's Cove, a walking tour of Lunenburg, an evening graveyard walking tour in Annapolis Royal, and two whale watching trips. This report includes comments on where they stayed and restaurants. 

Our trip is planned. Comments and suggestions?

 A short report on a very quick visit from Yarmouth, through the Annapolis Valley to Cape Breton and back to Yarmouth in four days. (post #10)

Gate 1 Tour

report of a guided bus tour of the Maritimes with Gate 1. 

Wonderful Nova Scotia - trip report 

 This detailed report report includes highlights of a visit to Halifax, Peggy's Cove and on to Lunenburg and then a visit to Cape Breton. It includes mention of B&Bs, a boat trip from Baddeck, walks around the Cabot Trail, a moose sighting and trying out fish chowders in several places.

24 Hours in Yarmouth  and    New Ferry Portland to Yarmouth - Great!    and  Good start .... Maine - Nova Scotia ferry

 This thread contains some good tips about the Nova Star ferry from Portland and what to do in the Yarmouth area. Note posts 5 and 7.      Herehere,  here and here  are other  reports on the ferry.

Our Trip May 21-30 2014

 A detailed  report of a trip including time spent in Truro, the Minas Shore, Advocate Harbour, Shelburne, the Annapolis Valley. Much time was spent walking on beaches. The report includes information on grocery shopping, where they stayed and restaurants. 




Re: NS 2014 road trip - itinerary suggestions/comments?

See Post #9 for an interesting trip report from a British family. They squeezed a lot into 13 days.


 TR - part 1 The Facts + getting to and back from NS

 TR - part 2 - Our time in Nova Scotia

 Two reports of a driving trip to Nova Scotia, including an outline of their itinerary and detailed comments on the Nova Scotia portion of the trip. Places include Digby, Brier Island, Yarmouth, Maivillete Beach, Lunenburg, Mahone Bay, Halifax, Noel, Truro, Parrsboro and AdvocateHarbour.

The Maritimes Trip Report - Sept 2nd to 8th

Detailed report on a very brief trip, including Halifax, Lunenburg, Peggy's Cove and Cape Breton.

8 day trip of Nova Scotia

Report of a brief trip by a young couple, driving, cycling, kayaking, hiking.  They visited the Fundy Shore, the Annapolis Valley,  Halifax,and Cape Breton.

Trip Report July 2013

Good outline of a trip to Advocate Harbour, louisbourg and the Cabot Trail, Truro and tidal bore rafting and Halifax. Includes restaurant and hotel information. 

Trip Report - 12 days in Nova Scotia

Report of a trip taken by two older couples. Places visited included the Fundy Shore, Cape Breton, the Annapolis Valley, and Lunenburg to Halifax.  

Week trip review - Eastern Canada

Great report  from a young couple who took a quick camping trip east, including Fredericton, Cape Breton (Port Hood, Inverness, Meat Cove, Ingonish), Pictou, Hopewell Rocks and Fundy National Park. 

8 day trip of Nova Scotia

Very interesting report  from some adventurous people. Areas visited included the Fundy Shore, Cape Breton, Wolfville.

Nova Scotia Trip report (9 busy days)

Very interesting comments about a trip including Halifax, Chignecto Park, Advocate Harbour, Five Islands, Cape Breton, Wolfville and Lunenburg, etc.  

Summer visit to the Maritimes

Questions, answers followed by a trip report. A week long trip touching all three provinces.

Trip Report - Halifax, Wolfville, Cape Breton

 An account of a recent trip to these places with great information on restaurants and attractions. More information here.

Trip Report: A personal encounter with the Fundy tides.

A report of a brief trip to Cape Chignecto Park for short hikes, an evening at Wild Caraway in Advocate Harbour and a drive with some stops along the Fundy Shore.

TR- Part 1- Advocate Harbour-Cape Breton

Report of a visit to Advocate Harbour and Cape Breton, with useful comments and reviews.

Biking Trails in the Annapolis Valley

A thread about finding bicycle routes in Kings County, renting bikes, and a day spent exploring the area.

Trip Report New Brunswick/Nova Scotia

 A short report of a trip which included the NB Fundy shore, Hopewell Rocks and Cape Breton.

Four nights in Cheticamp

See Post # 5 of this thread for a report  on spending time on the west coast of Cape Breton.

Nova Scotia Winter Trip Report 2013

 A report of a winter visit with great details about things to do, see and eat in the Halifax and Annapolis Valley areas.




  ...ongoing....Trip Report!! Celtic Colours 2012 !!!WOW!!!

Trip Report  from arrival in Halifax to first Celtic Colours concert. Then further posts continue the report, community suppers and wonderful concerts, etc.


Fall trip 2012

Informative, detailed report of 22 days in Nova Scotia with extended stays in Wolfville, Lunenburg, Cheticamp, Baddeck and Advocate Harbour.  


It's a small place but I'd love it

Describes a one day visit from a cruise ship visitor to Halifax.


A Maritime Adventure Part 4

Continues describing the trip around the Cabot Trail and visits to Louisbourg (Fortress and Lighthouse) and the Alexander Graham Bell Museum in Baddeck.


A Maritime Adventure Part 3 

Describes the rainy trip to Cheticamp, two evenings in Cheticamp, and various activities, hiking the Skyline Trail.


A Maritime Adventure Part 1

Describes the trip  from MA to Parrsboro and four days spent in the Parrsboro/Advocate Harbour area. Ottawa House, Fundy Geological Museum, Cape D'or, tides, Cape Chignecto Park, Bare Bones Bistro, Wild Caraway, etc.


A Maritime Adventure Part 2  

From a base in Mahone Bay,  travels  up and down the south shore, including Halifax, Peggy;s Cove, Chester, Mahone Bay, Blue Rocks, the Ovens, Crescent Beach and Hirtle's Beach.

Trip Review.

Report of a week long trip in early September, including Digby, Halifax and Cape Breton.


Successful Family Road Trip - mostly in Nova Scotia 

This has a link to a blog of a family trip including stays on beaches nearNorthport and Inverness, the Ceilidh and Cabot Trails, hiking the Skyline Trail (photo of moose sighthing), Meat Cove, the Gaelic College, a brief stop in Halifax and taking the ferry from Digby to Saint John.


Week  on Cabot Trail.

Very interesting report from a former Cape Bretoner introducing three friends from away to Cape Breton.


Trip Repot

 Report on an ambitious nine day trip, including whale watching near Digby, Annapolis Royal, Halifax, Advocate Harbour and Cape Breton.


So Glad We Went

First part of a report, inluding getting to and from NS and details of time spent in Cape Breton. Hiking, moose sighting, good food.

The second part of the report and mentions a week spent with Hubbards as a base and trips to Wolfville, Lunenburg, MahoneBay, kayaking, hooked rugs ad much more.


Non-trip report- my BEST of and tips for CB

Some great tips.


My Nova Scotia Trip Report - Valley, Halifax, Caribou Island

An excellent detailed report of an extended visit to three areas.


Just returned. Brief report.


Looking for feedback for our trip this July. 

Report on a one week trip.



Ambassatour Bus tour or Caravan Bus  by Teri077

Report on Caravan bus tour in NS and PEI in August, 2011


Kayaking on the Bay of Fundy

Short report on Kayaking off Cape Chignecto Park and staying and eating at Wild Caraway. (responses 4 & 7)


 Beach Horseback Riding, Parrsboro, NS by trebla3

Report on four hour trail ride in 2011


Excellent Taxi Tour - Halifax and Peggys Cove by Marie W (September 2011)

Report of a day round Halifax and Peggys Cove with Les Daurie of Halifax Taxi Tours.


Trip report by imagine2 (October 2011)

Report of a 10 day trip from Moncton to Annapolis Royal, Halifax, Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg and CApe Breton Island.


Trip Report: Thanks for the advice everyone by apt2007 (September 2011)

Trip Report: NS September trip part two by apt2007 (September 2011)

This covers Cape Breton Island with the highlight being the drive to Bay St. Lawrence and then Capstick.


Trip Report: Cruise docked in Halifax by travelover25Texas (September 2011)

Useful information about what can be achieved in a day using a hire car.

Trip Report-14 days in NS-Final part  by Brit_abroad_7 (August 2011)

Covering Igonish to Baddeck, Louisbourg Fortress and Railway museum, Iona Highland Village Museum and Atlantic Canada Aviation Museum.

Trip Report-14 days in NS-Part4- P'boro -Ingonish by Brit_abroad_7 (August 2011)

Covering Age of Sail Museum, Cape D'Or, Cape ChignettoPP, Cape George Scenic Drive and CAbot trail including the Skyline Trail.

Trip Report-14 days in NS - Annap Royal to Parrsboro by Brit_abroad_7 (August 2011)

Covering Fort Anne, Cape Blomidon, Fort Edward Historic Site and Shand House.

Trip Report-14 days in NS Part 2: Lunenburg -Digby-Tiverton by Brit_abroad_7  (August 2011)

Covering Kejimujil National Park, Port Royal Habitation Historic site, Long Island and whale watching.

Trip Report-14 days in NS- Part 1: London to Lunenburg by Brit_abroad_7 (August 2011)

Covering Halifax Citadel and  the drive to Lunenburg.



Nova Scotia, 8 to 24 September 2010 – Trip Report (long) by ocean_travel

Detailed trip report covering all the main sites in Nova Scotia  from Louisbourg to Annapolis Royal with museums and whale watching.

Nova Scotia& Cape Breton Fall 2010 trip report by bout-time
Details of a circular tour around Nova Scotia through Lunenburg, Grand Pre, Windsor, Truro to CBI.  

Easy scenic trails post by bout-time

Information about walking trails on CBI

Trip report - Sept 24-Oct 3by debinnh
A brief report featuring wineries, brew pubs and a distillery plus eating ideas.

Wonderful 10 day trip by MiMi58
Detailed report of clockwise trip round CBI and back to Halifax via Cape George  with information on accommodation, eating, music and  Larch Wood Enterprises.

9 day trip to Nova Scotia by ED
Autumn trip to CBI, Truro, Annapolis Royal, Digby, Yarmouth, Shelburne, Lunenburg.

Trip Report - Advocate Harbour, Cape Breton, Halifax by Poppy3
A holiday in Mid September 2010 with information on accommodation, walking and eating

Trip Report part 2 - Halifax, Peggy’s Cove, Lunenberg, Grande Pre by Poppy3
Includes information on eating and a brewery trip.

Trip Report mid September on CBI by touring24
Detailed report on accommodation, eating, music, hiking, Louisbourg Playhouse.
Trip Report - 9 days in Nova Scotia including a hurriane by Rescue71
Detailed report of a circular tour including Lunenburg, Wolfville, CBI,  Louisbourg and Halifax.

Halifax, Luneburg and Cabot Trail Trip Report by IrishHoneymoon
Detailed day by day report of a week in summer covering, a whale cruise, walking, Shubenacadie Wildlife Park and lots more.
Trip Report - The Maritimes, July 2010 by Wine-4-2
Detailed itinerary covering the drive from Ottawa to Bay of Fundy, PEI, Halifax, Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Digby and back to Ottawa with a useful section on reflective comments on the trip.

Trip Report by Lambo62
A week in July covering Halifax, Bay of Fundy, and Lunenburg

NS Trip Report by JourneyDr
Two weeks in July, arriving in Dartmouth, driving to Louisbourg, Cabot Trail and  Advocate Harbour. Information on Miners Museum in Sydney, Antigonish Highland Games  and whale watching.

Trip report NS and CB in June by Nameisanne
A month on an organic farm near Baddeck. Useful information  about the Cabot Trail.

Trip Report: Nova Scotia and PEI highlights in 8 days by mOssless
A week in June “looking for the legendary food, wine, scenery and quiet adventure of Nova Scotia, visiting PEI, Bay of Funday, Parrsborro, Wolfville, Grand Pre,  Lunenburg and Halifax".


Maritime Trip Report September/October 2009 by Snowcat
Starting in Halifax and visiting Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Port Williams, Antigonish, CBI and Louisbourg before heading to PEI, Advocate Harbour and  Grand Pre. 

Trip Report by Rufuss

Pier 21, Louisbourg, Alexander Bell Museum, hiking...

Long trip report - wonderful visit! Sept. 14 - 22/09 by canadabeacher
Concentrating on Southern Shore and Bay of Funday, including Lunenburg, Annapolis Royal, Digby….



Nova Scotia Photos by IrishHoneymoon