People travel for reasons that are individual choices.  Some like to take a path that is well known and easily planned.  Many destinations cater to individuals with these interests, as it would seem that they are the majority.  Another type of traveller searches for the more obscure and unique, the undiscovered places of this earth.  In Nova Scotia both of these traveller types are fully accommodated.  You can head to the attractions that through years of marketing have been acknowledged as tourist destinations.  Often pretty places, with lots of  tourists.

But if this isn't your style, a place like Advocate Harbour can be a breath of fresh air, literally. Off the beaten path, most Nova Scotians themselves haven't heard of the place, with less having visited there. It is being discovered by people "from away" though, usually savvy travellers that have done some research.  What they have found is a historic fishing village with roots that stretch back to the discovery and naming by Samuel de Champlain  back in 1606, the Acadian settlement until the expulsion of 1755, then the Planters and Loyalists on to today. 

Now Advocate Harbour is a picturesque little village nestled between the towering Capes of Cape d'Or and Cape Chignecto. It is a place where the world's highest tides are at its doorstep, still held back in part by the old Acadian dykes.  A place of breathtaking natural beauty where you can walk for miles on deserted beaches or hike for days on some of the best trails in Canada at Cape Chignecto Park.  It is a place for outdoor discovery and adventure, or for personal discovery and just letting go of all the stresses of everyday life. The adventurous can investigate one of the natural wonders of North America, the Bay of Fundy, on boat tours to where some of the strongest tidal currents on earth pass through the Minas Basin at Cape Split or on a trip to view wildlife on the remote Isle Haute.  There are tours to the awe inspiring Three Sisters sea stacks while sea kayaking at high tide, or walk the ocean floor at low tide.  It's the only place on earth where you can witness the phenomenon of three major tidal currents meeting simultaneously to create the impressive Dory Rips.  

Although the local population continues to eke a living from traditional sources such a fishing, the people from away that have discovered this gem have started to develop some of its potential by moving to the village. That potential has been developed by  taking advantage of the incredible natural beauty of the area in the form of a outdoor adventure business, fine dining restaurants, and the restoration of old homes for accommodations. Recently there has also been the building of modern rental chalets/cottages and the opening of a general store to service the travelers' needs. The province has also opened its largest and most spectacular provincial park here in Cape Chignecto Park .

Advocate Harbour is a place that can only relax you with its easy going atmosphere, where you will wonder why everyone you drive by is waving at you (friendly).  A place where the tides keep the time, not clocks.


Advocate Harbour at low tide; by comparison, at high tide the boats are at the top of the dock. (These boats are around 40 ft long, to get a impression of the scale.)

The coastline is a wonderland of caves, waterfalls, pristine beaches


Incredible outdoor adventures await you in Advocate Harbour

  Sunset at Advocate Harbour

Sunset at Advocate Harbour 

  Seal checking out the Advocate Harbour beach

 A seal checking out the Advocate Harbour Beach

walking the trails

  Another beach to explore at Advocate Harbour. Lots of driftwood, shells

and wildlife and no crowds!

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