There are many options for getting around Winnipeg, and can be broken down into two categories: public transportation and private transportation. 

The options for public transportation include taxis and busses, both of which have their distinct advantages as well as disadvantages.

Taxis are widely available in Winnipeg as there are over 400 licensed vehicles operating in the city.  Rides can be obtained one of two ways, either by calling ahead and arranging for a pick up, or finding a cab at a stand located at public areas such as hotels and shopping malls.  Unlike many other cities around the world, taxis in Winnipeg are reasonably priced.  Fares are non-negotiable and determined by a meter.  Getting around within the downtown area is likely to cost around $5.  Tipping the driver 15% of the fare is customary.  Visit Taxi Companies for a list of those based in the Winnipeg area.

There is an extensive network of buses operating within the city of Winnipeg.  Winnipeg Transit owns and operates all of the vehicles.  Bus fares can be found at FaresSchedule and Route Information is a useful tool for determining how to get somewhere. 

The options for private transportation include rental cars and bicycle rentals.  Check out Winnipeg Car Rentals for an incomplete list of companies in the area.