Although it is possible to travel to Winnipeg year round, there are certain times during which the weather is much more comfortable than others. 

Winnipeg is hot in the summers and bitter cold in the winters.  The hottest time of the year is from the beginning of July through the end of August, during which time the high temperatures can often reach over 30°C (90°F).  The coldest time of the year is from the beginning of January until the end of February, during which time the average low temperatures are in the single digit negatives, and temperatures often dip to below  -30°C (-22°Fand beyond).  This is of course during the nighttime, but even during the days of January and February, the temperatures almost never climb out of the freezing range.  As a matter of fact, temperatures on average stay in the freezing range from December until March.  

Precipitation rates in Winnipeg are moderate throughout the year.  For most of the winter (December through March) at least some snow covers the ground.  The snowiest months are December and January, during which time it will snow one out of three days.  During May through September it will rain on average one in three days. 

For real-time weather information in Winnipeg, visit Weather Now For official forecasts, up-to-date weather warnings, and current weather information from Environment Canada, visit their Winnipeg weather page (click on "imperial units" if you prefer to see Fahrenheit temperatures).  For precipitation and temperature averages throughout the year, visit Weather Averages.