Rental cars are subject to the terms and conditions of the rental car company.  Most rental agencies allow drivers to pay their Port Mann Bridge tolls directly to TReO and then to provide a receipt or proof of payment when they return the vehicle.  This approach has proven effective for customers who proactively pay their tolls within seven days of their crossing. 

It is important to realize that every rental agency is different.  Customers should review their agreements or specifically ask the rental agency about additional fees and how to provide proof of toll payment.  The best timing for this is before they choose a rental company, or at the counter when picking up the car.  As well, ask what the procedure is for returning the car after hours and having to drop the keys in a drop box.  Keep copies of all receipts and paperwork for future reference.

Most visitors, and certainly renters, will have a car that is not registered with the private company TreO to allow automatic payment of a toll for the Port Mann Bridge.  It is possible to stop at one of the two Customer Service Centres along the highway, named "TREO TOLL CENTRE."  There is a centre for eastbound traffic on the east side of the bridge at 16300 - 104th Avenue, Surrey.  There is a centre for westbound traffic on the west side of the bridge at 1500 Woolridge St, 2nd Floor, Coquitlam.  It might be an idea to ask for directions back to the highway.

Location of the two Treo Toll Centres.

The office opening hours are M-F, 6 am - 9 pm, Sat and Sun, 9 am - 6 pm. When the office is closed, there is a ticket payment machine in the parking lot where you enter your licence plate number, the number of crossings you wish to pay for and your credit card number.  A receipt is issued. 

During opening hours, pay by telephoning the TReO Customer Service Centre at 604-516-TREO (604-516-8736) or toll free at 1-855-888-TREO (1-855-888-8736).

Another option for visitors with their own cars, particularly frequent visitors, is to open up a TReO account at and an associated credit card it for automatic toll payments.  An RFID TReO decal is not mandatory with the account, you can just register your license plate and forgo the RFID, the toll is the same with or without the decal.  The website easily allows cars registered in the U.S. and other Canadian provinces to be included on an account

By far, the easiest method is to pay online after crossing the bridge.  Go to the TreO website and click on the green button that says "Pay now."  Follow the prompts to pay the toll.  Paying within 7 days of crossing the bridge eliminates the additional licence plate processing fee. Print off the receipt to submit when you return the car.  Keep a copy.

TreO website