There are reasons to visit Tofino in all four seasons. As a temperate rainforest, Tofino gets a lot of rain, but it does warm up and dry out a bit during the summer months. With average temperatures of around 15°C ( 60°F) in July and August, these are ideal months for surfing, kayaking, and other outdoor or water sports. Tofino is widely recognized as one of the best surfing spots in Canada, and summertime is when to go if you wish to take advantage of this.

The fact that temperatures dip slightly to 4°C (40°F ) during the winter should not put you off from visiting during this time. In fact, winter storm-watching has recently taken hold in Tofino and many would not think of visiting any other season.  Pacific winter storms generate huge waves, which pound the British Columbia coast with unbelievable force. Set against the stormy sky, the choppy ocean and powerful, pounding waves create an unusual, beautiful tableau. Since winter traveling is less popular, storm-watchers can avoid crowds and save a lot of money on accommodations and plane tickets.

While temperatures are moderate all twelve months because of Tofino’s seaside location, it does rain consistently for the entire year. You’ll need a sturdy umbrella no matter when you visit.