Museums are always a good way to spend a portion of any vacation.  They allow visitors to get a thorough education about the history and the culture of the area they are visiting without having to expend much effort.  Generally, they are entertaining as well as informative.  Travelers will find that this is true of the Kamloops museums.

The Kamloops Museum and Archives is the biggest of the history museums in the area.  It is a multi-story museum which features both permanent and temporary collections of various artifacts commemorating the history of the area.  Kamloops was an Old West town and much of the history depicted in this museum reflects the heart of the Old West days there, but there are also other periods of the area’s past represented there.

Of course, some people simply do not like indoor museums.  For those people, a living museum might be a better option for getting to know the history of the area.  Secwepemc Museum and Heritage Park  is the place to go.  This was originally the home of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) people and it is preserved as such today.  Travelers can wander through pit houses and explore how the native people once lived.  There is also a museum on site for those museum fans in the group.  Even non-fans may enjoy this museum which includes a short video about the area.

Travelers who are more interested in local art than local history will want to stop at the Kamloops Art Gallery to get their information.  There are numerous smaller art galleries but this largest of them features work from both local Kamloops artists and artists from throughout the rest of Canada.