Banff has a fantastic nightlife - something that many visitors to Banff might want to experience. After a great night out it is always great to catch a bite to eat. Here are a variety of suggestions:

Quick and Easy

Sometimes you just want something that is quick and easy - and hits the spot! 

Aardvarks - centrally located on Banff Ave and Caribou right downtown. Best known for their pizza slice.

Eddie Burger & Bar - right downtown, 100 block of Ave next to the Hoodoo night club

McDonalds - located in the 100 block of Banff Ave., right downtown.


You can sometimes get more variety with delivery - if you don't mind the wait! 

Rocky Mountain Room Service -  This Smart Car company offers delivery from over 30 different restaurants as well as a liquor store

Aardvarks - Pizza,  soft shell tacos, wings, donair, poutine, falafels, and much more

Domino's Pizza - Variety of pizzas from thin crust to deep dish

Heading home

 When you're walking back to your hotel, or through your hotel, after your great late night downtown, remember to be courteous to all those folks who are already sleeping, by keeping it quiet.

24-hour Room Service

Banff is home to some very service-oriented hotels that offer 24-hour room service

Banff Springs Hotel

Rimrock Resort