Nourish Vegetarian Bistro & Tea House
211 Bear Street
(403) 760-3933

Nourish Bistro has beautifully creative dishes catering to everyone who loves food.  The tastes are amazing, they have wonderful tapas to share, great daily selections, dreamy desserts, tea that is freshly blended and are licenced with nice organic wines and natural beers.   The atmosphere is calming, beautiful and relaxing.   A  true hidden gem!


Pad Thai
back of the ClockTower Mall
110 Banff Avenue

They have a wide selection of inexpensive Thai food, including vegetarian options.  Their food is delicious, and makes up for the rather pedestrian surroundings

Silver Dragon
(Chinese cuisine)
109 Spray Ave

The friendly owner/manager Josephine Tsu is a lovely person, the restaurant has a pleasant ambience, a great staff and a very wide selection of vegetable dishes. Request the vegetarian menu.

The Balkan
(Greek cuisine)
120 Banff Avenue

There are options, like spanakopita, etc., that are meatless. The two generations of the Karlos family, who run the restaurant, are friendly, courteous and local, the food is good, and the portions are enormous for the price! Tuesday and Thursday nights are Greek nights, with plate smashing, belly dancing, etc., all included in the price of your meal.

Coyotes Deli & Grill

206 Caribou Street

Cuisine is inspired by the American Southwest and the Pacific Coast.  While it is not a vegetarian restaurant as such, the menu includes some delicious vegetarian options.  This little place is popular.  Dinner reservations are essential during the busy months of July and August, and you may find that you need reservations even for lunch during the summer. 

Athena's Pizza & Spaghetti House
next to the Clock Tower Mall
110 Banff Avenue

Great pizza at a fair price. 

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