Perhaps you forgot your bathing suit or maybe you want some souvenirs of Mexico to bring home with you.  Either way, Nuevo Vallarta can fulfill your shopping needs, with its combination of modern mall stores and traditional handicraft shops.

There are several shopping malls in Nuevo Vallarta, all open from 9 AM to 8 PM, with a siesta break from 2-4. The biggest one is the Paradise Plaza Mall, which services tourists staying at the Paradise Plaza resort and anywhere in Nuevo Vallarta.  The stores are of the same quality you would find at an American mall.

Most of the local handicrafts are actually sold inside hotels instead of on street corners, since it’s uncommon to walk from place to place in Nuevo Vallarta. Pottery, wooden carvings, and textiles are among the type of crafts sold at the hotels. You may run into some sidewalk and street vendors, and it’s acceptable to haggle with them, if you like – offer to pay less then 1/2 of their price, and stop once you get close to 3/4.

Credit cards are almost universally accepted by Nuevo Vallarta hotels and restaurants. However, it is still a good idea to carry pesos (get them changed at the airport, not on the street) because tour operators, taxi drivers and small local vendors often must be paid in local currency.