You might think that, as a relatively new tourist town, nothing is “off the beaten path” in Nuevo Vallarta. However, if you’re willing to drive a few minutes out of the main resort area, you’ll encounter some gems that few visitors have taken the time to discover.

If you take a quick taxi drive to the office of Vallarta Adventures...across from paradise village el tigre golf can come see the dolphins for free from the observation tower. From there you can inquire about Vallarta´s most famous day trips the company offers. They have day trips from Nuevo to the mountains, into the ocean, to the beaches, and into the air......and even to other surrounding cities.

If you have your own vehicle you can take roadway 200, the main freeway that passes by Nuevo Vallarta, which leads to some less secluded beaches that have public feel to them if you want to be around tons more people. El Anclote, several kilometers out of Nuevo Vallarta by freeway, is the perfect beach to see such Mexican wildlife as waterbirds, Gulf turtles and giant rays. El Anclote is near a more populated town that boasts a reasonable priced seafood restaurant, so you could take a day trip out there without going hungry.

While the other tourists are snorkeling, kayaking and jet-skiing by the droves, why don’t you try kite surfing? The sport, which has been overlooked by many adventure seekers, requires a certain amount of coordination but pays off when you feel as though you are dancing across the waves. It’s like parasailing, only the sail is the size of a kite, and riders strap their feet to a narrow board and then go where the wind and the waves take them. Higuera Blanca beach, about 10 minutes from Nuevo Vallarta, is devoted to kite surfing, and shouldn’t be missed by those seeking the unconventional.