Don’t let the kids prevent you from taking a dream vacation – bring them along! Nuevo Vallarta has plenty of activities the whole family can do together. Plus, the tropical scenery makes a perfect background for family photos.

The Nuevo Vallarta-based company, Dolphin Adventure , offers families a can’t-miss chance to play with dolphins. There are programs designed especially for kids and opportunities to purchase pictures of your child’s swim. Since there’s a marine research center connected to the dolphin playground, the experience can be educational as well as exciting.

The dolphin isn't the only aquatic animal Nuevo Vallarta is famous for: there's also the Gulf Turtle. Newborn turtles hatch onshore but then cross the sand to the Bay of Banderas by the hundreds. If your family is interested in seeing even more marine life, it’s worth renting a boat and going snorkeling, because the water is as clear as it gets. If its animals in general you can’t get enough of, check out the Paradise Village Zoo for a glimpse of the rainforest.

The waters of the Banderas are gentle enough even for rookie swimmers, as long as you stay close to the shore. Water wings or “floaties” can usually be borrowed from the hotel pool.