Buses in Nuevo Vallarta are more than a means of getting around – they’re an art form. Many buses are painted bright colors and are even given names, like “Terminator,” and “Rambo.” It’s easy to catch a bus at a marked stop (the signs read parada , which means stop), but often you can simply wave to a bus driver from the sidewalk and he’ll stop for you. A crowd of people waiting on the side of a street usually means that a bus comes by regularly, even if there is no sign; it may be an unofficial stop.

The destination of each bus should be painted on the windshield, so it’s hard to get on the wrong bus as long as you know the Spanish name for the place you’re headed. The ride itself is quite an experience – sometimes, especially coming from Puerto Vallarta, a singer or musician will get on board to serenade the passengers. They’d always appreciate a tip; you might be able to afford it, considering how cheap bus fares are. Passengers can get all the way to downtown Puerto Vallarta for only 10 pesos, and local buses are even more inexpensive.

A word of warning: bus drivers tend to be aggressive, and may not stop at stop signs or crosswalks. When on foot, stay out of the way of buses and don’t assume anyone will stop for you.