When deciding what time of year to travel to Nuevo Vallarta, there’s a trade-off between prices and weather.  The weather is nicest in winter, which lasts from October to May, but this is tourist season and prices tend to rise accordingly.  It rains intermittently from early summer through September, but if you don’t mind a little thunder and lightning you could save a lot of money on hotels and airfare. Just don’t forget an umbrella!

Year-round, the climate is similar to Hawaii’s, with temperatures averaging in the 80s and 90s during the day and dipping ten or fifteen degrees lower at night. Even in the rainy season it rains only a maximum of half the days in a month, and usually then only at night or for a few hours during the afternoon. The bay shelters Nuevo Vallarta from virtually all of the region’s hurricanes, so weather should only be a major concern if you are planning to participate in outdoor sports (like water sports), that may be affected by rain. If so, it may be a good idea to phone your hotel or contact the tourism bureau in order to check the weather before you leave.

Temperature measurements and forecasts are not always 100% accurate, but take a look at this live web-cam to see what the weather is like in neighboring Puerto Vallarta (less than 20 kilometers south.)