Car rentals and taxis are both expensive in the Los Cabos area. A cab from the airport will cost you a minimum of $50.00, very high priced. If your hotel has a shuttle, take it. Stay close to town and most things will be within walking distance. A cab downtown should cost no more than $10.00.  Confirm the cost before getting in the cab.  A cab ride from the hotel zone o downtown should be $70.00 pesos ($7 USD).

Parking in downtown San Jose can be hard to find, you may park only in the spaces painted white or left concrete in color, the cabbies take a lot of the spots. If you want a cab your hotel should be able to call you one. There are many cabs sitting and waiting downtown to give you a lift back to your hotel.  The Mega, the big grocery store, has cabs located in the parking lot to the right hand side as you exit the checkout area.

Driving in Los Cabos can be frantic. Often the Mexicans do not stop for stop signs, they will pull in front of you or pass you on the right. If you rent a car remember to GO, pull out and do go if there is no one at a stop sign, otherwise YOU become a hazard.  Everyone speeds like crazy on the highway, go with the flow and change lanes early. Side streets are narrow and parking is scarce, the smaller the car you get the easier it will be for you. If you are staying a few weeks it might be best not to rent a car for the entire trip. San Jose del Cabo is some distance from its sister town Cabo San Lucas, if you plan an excursion there or to one of the public beaches rent a car for that day only. 

Hey, it might be fun to just take the local bus on into town or into Los Cabos. Remember you are on vacation, experiencing some of the local lifestyle might be interesting and give you some fun stories to tell.  

The 'Urbano' is a former school bus that will pick you up anywhere along its route within San Jose - just stand off the curb and flag it down.  The cost is $10 pesos ($1 USD) per person, one way, no transfers.  To have the bus stop - say 'Bahan'.  The louder you say it the quicker they stop.

To get from San Jose to Los Cabos and back take the Subercabos - a modern air conditioned bus that costs $27 pesos ($2.70 USD) for a one person one way trip.  Catch it across the main highway from the Mega store in San Jose.