San Jose del Cabo Airport has 3 terminals. Remember which terminal your flight arrives in, so that you make it back to the right terminal for departure. There is a sidewalk that connects the 3 terminals,although Terminal 3 is a bit distant (7-10 min walk).  If it's hot, and you have a lot of luggage, it may be longer than it looks. If you're running late, it's always longer than it looks!!

Landing card for Cabo San Jose or Cabo San Lucas

When you fly into Cabo, you will likely be given a landing card (on your plane) for each passenger, that you must fill out prior to passing thru the airport. This form is MISLEADING as the bottom section appears to be FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY,  However, YOU MUST fill out the bottom of the card that requires you to give the SAME information as on the top of the card: address, passport, etc. Also you have the typical customs form and specify if carrying pharmaceuticals: as aspirin, and other personal medicine. 

For ground transportation, taxis are expensive. Even the shuttle buses can run up to $50 per person one-way.

A local bus service is clean and efficient and runs every 20 mins or so. It costs around 35-40 pesos ($3-4) and leaves from the traffic roundabout near Terminal 1. If you want to separate yourself from the Marriott crowd and don't mind a longer journey into town, try the local bus!

As you exit the terminal, there are a lot of people offering free transport - they are the time-share recruiters. Ten cuidado! (Be careful!)