Renting mobile phones while in Cabo San Lucas and Baja Sur is not just a convenient, for many it is a necessity.

Rent A Cell Cabo is the cell phone answer on how to stay in touch with people back home as well as those you are traveling with while here in the Los Cabos area. Many people ask  “is there is service for U.S. or Canadian cell phones in Mexico?” Yes, there are some plans that you may be able to use but your reception will be limited and the calls are very costly.

There is however an excellent solution that comes with some great advantages. Rent A Cell is a company that offers daily rental of cell phones here in Los Cabos for travelers. You rent the phone and pay the charges via your credit card that you give them when you apply and reserve your phone online. It’s that simple.

What are the other Rent A Cell  advantages? One is they have a flat fee rate for calls within Mexico, to the U.S. and Canada. The rate is a dollar a minute no matter where you call, which when compared to many of the hotels, with all the surcharges these days, for example, it can be a real savings.

It will also be helpful if you get into a bad situation; for example, if you get into a car accident and can't communicate with anyone around you, you can use the phone to call for help.

Reserve a phone or two and have peace of mind on your next trip to Los Cabos.

You can find this Rentacell Cabo in the Web searchers and do your reservation on line.