One of those trips of a lifetime!   BajaEcotours provided a most extraordinary experience - both in terms of being in the Lagoon - and experiencing the whales.  A talented and well versed staff of naturalists and marine biologists added reference and depth to the incredible time spent on the water 'dancing' with the whales and their new born babies.  Visitors can be exposed over multiple days to nursing behavior, breaching, spy hopping, eating .. and teaching their young to swim.  How can language express the experience of having multiple mother whales bring their newborns to the boats to be touched.  Young children cheered.  Older visitors wept. All passengers were changed by the depth of the relationship to the whales.

Back in camp - run entirely on solar and wind - the educational experience continued. The camp ran slide shows in the evening with interp by the staff - along with shoreline walks to discuss whales, turtles, coyotes and the bird population.  From sunrise to sunset - the sumptious meals - and the caring to each and every detail - Baja Ecotours provided wonderful attention of Maldo, Johnny, and their entire team.  

An adventure worth repeating!

Catharine Cooper

Just a  little more information about the protection of the whales can be found here on as well as on this additional article about San Ignacio and whale watching in San Ignacio in general.