The best way to explore San Miguel off the beaten path is to meet people and talk with them. People in San Miguel are very friendly and there are many parties and gettogethers happening every day. Through meeting one person, you can easily connect with 10 more. Then you can see such attractions as the house and gallery of Canadian artist and olympic medalist in figure skating, Toller Cranston (, and other artists like Bermuda's Bruce Stuart (on Garrita street), Canada's very well known Gary Slipper, and the young Ukranian-Canadian artist Andrew Osta (

 Many of San Miguel's best artists do not run their own galleries, but can be met in their homes, in an intimate setting. All you need to do is know somebody who will introduce you. 

 The same goes for craftspeople - those who make "artesania". While the fine artists are predominantly foreigners, there are many amazing Mexican-born fine craft creators. Many of them are also not to be found on the streets or in shops, but have to be asked around for. 

The same goes for San Miguel homes - each home is a gem, with unexpected visual delights, but one must get invited inside first.

So remember - people are friendly, and talk, talk talk!