There are numerous geological and historical attractions around Copper Canyon, many of which have to do with the 20 canyons making up the area; other found in the neighboring cities.

            Chihuahua City is the capital of the State of Chihuahua of northern Mexico.  Because this city has managed to avoid becoming part of the major tourist route through Mexico, this is a great place to go for people looking to get away from the crowds.  The city has various museums, such as the House Museum of Benito Juarez (who was the first president of Mexico), the Mexican Revolution Museum, and the Dungeons of Hidalgo (where numerous captives were held over the years).  Chihuahua is a major airport hub for people visiting Copper Canyon, so it is worth check out if passing through.

            There are many ways to explore the Copper Canyon area, but no better than by taking The Copper Canyon Express.  This train has been operating between Los Mochis and Chihuahua for many decades, and the journey provides breathtaking views of Copper Canyon, which is why most tourists take the train (not for transportation).  Local people tend to take the second class train, but the first class train is much more comfortable.

              Another great way to explore Copper Canyon is by foot.   Many companies in the area offer guided tours, and most of the guides are very knowledgeable of the area.   For more information, visit this Tours around Copper Canyon page.