There are various activities available around Copper Canyon, many of which include exploring the twenty canyons in the area (this can be done by horse, foot, or train).

            Visitors have numerous companies that offer horseback riding to choose from.  This can be a truly memorable way to see and explore the twenty different canyons of the Copper Canyon area.  Inexperienced riders need not worry, as many of the companies offer lessons, as well as guided excursions.  Experienced riders have the opportunity to either head off on private horse rides, or be shown the best areas of the canyons by a guide.  Most hotels will be happy to arrange for this type of activity for their guests.  For a little inspiration, check out these Horse riding Pictures of Copper Canyon .

            Throughout the canyons, there are hundreds of miles of hiking trails.  Many visitors choose to go on multiple day/week guided walking tours through the canyons of the area.  Various companies around the area offer such services, including Mountain Travel Sobek U.S .  For more information, visit this Tours around Copper Canyon page.

            The Copper Canyon Express  is a public train that operates between Los Mochis and Chihuahua.   The journey provides breathtaking views of Copper Canyon, which is why most tourists take the train (not for transportation).   Local people tend to take the second class train, but the first class train is much more comfortable.