Some of the historical sites and museums that you might want to see on Antigua and Barbuda include:

- The Museum Of Antigua and Barbuda features the most comprehensive exhibitions of the island’s history since prehistory to the present days. The visitor takes a travel along Antigua and Barbuda culture, history, natural environments, its flora and fauna.

- Located at the intersection of Church and Market St., Antigua’s Historical Museum houses objects and artifacts from the sugar plantations.

- The English Harbour and Nelson’s Dockyard Harbour dates from 1704 when it housed the British Fleet. It is south of Falmouth.

- The Nelson's Dockyard museum at Admiral's House tells the story of English Harbour as a Georgian naval yard, as well as the return oin the 20th Centurey of sailing ships and the aims and aspirations of the Nelson's Dockyard national park. A library, with copies of original documents and a database of Caribbean naval history is available for researchers.

- Indian Town, in the Northeast coast, is an archeological site with remains of Antigua’s original dwellers.

- Betty’s Hope, Antigua’s biggest sugar plantation now restored. Built in 1650 by Governor Christopher Keynell and granted to the Codrington Family in 1674. It housed around 400 slaves brought by Codrington from West Africa. 

- Shirley Heights is more than just a party on a Sunday evening. Hike or drive up to the remains of this military complex to imagine life on a naval garrison in the 18th century.