The beach is just the beginning - the slogan of the Antigua and Barbuda tourism board. 

So true.

Whilst famed for it's beaches - one for every day of the year, there's so much more to see for the adventurous visitor. Antigua's gentle terrain with hills rather than mountains lends itself to hiking and there are some excellent established paths to follow - see for some suggestions.

If you have a rental car, get out of the resorts and explore the villages - Antigua's people can seem initially reserved, but are welcoming and ready to stop and chat to visitors. Stop at a local rum shack rather than a commercialised bar for a cool drink or to watch a game of dominoes or warri. Try some local food - fresh and delicious - or buy one of the islands small sweet and delicious black pineapples from a stall on Fig Tree Drive.

The local Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) has events and information for everyone, including turtle watching and organised walks and cleanups.