Rather than going into a description of neighborhoods within Tulum pueblo (not really of interest to travelers!), it´s probably more useful to describe the different areas of interest within Tulum to visitors

Tulum beach

This is the "Tulum hotel zone," which consists of a strip of cabanas which has been developed on property between the beach and the coastal highway. Most hotels are very small, consisting of 10-15 cabanas, though larger hotels can be found, with up to 45-50 cabanas. At the end of the main access road to the beach road, you can turn left or right.  If you turn right and head south, this road leads to the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve and at the very end of the road you'll find the fishing village of Punta Allen. This road can be in very bad shape particularly after the rains. Think twice about driving a rental car down or if you do, take it very slow and easy.  The sheer beauty of this regions makes it worth the 2 - 3 hour trip!  Great scenic views along the way to stop at!

Archaeological site

The ruins of Tulum can be accessed by walking north up the beach from the hotel zone, or walking up the coastal highway. To get there by car/taxi, take the access road (between the coastal highway and the main highway) back toward Tulum pueblo. Turn right at the road in front of El Crucero, or go to the main highway then left and you will see the main entrance to the ruins.

Tulum pueblo

There are many dining options, and a few small hotels in Tulum pueblo. Definitely worth a visit to buy souvenirs (Mixik, nexto to Charlie´s restaurant, is a great option) or to check out different restaurants. If you need to go to the ATM or to change money, this is the best place to go. There is also a ScotiaBank and an HSBC bank on the main avenue, as well as a BBVA next to the San Francisco supermarket (at the crossroads). There are ATM's inside of the San Francisco supermarket.