Tulum is pretty much divided into three areas.

Tulum pueblo
Tulum is a small town located approximately 126 kilometers or 80 miles south of Cancun, Mexico. Tulum has a wide variety of Mexican and Italian restaurants, crafts shops, and little markets. Internet access is available in many areas of town, and there are call centers located along the main avenue if you need to call home.

Tulum ruins
The Mayan ruins of Tulum, located cliffside along the Caribbean sea, are a short distance from town.

Tulum "hotel zone"
The "hotel district" is a few miles from town and offers several styles of accomadations. North of the ruins you will find many all-inclusive resorts. The cabana style accomadations are located south of the ruins. These resorts range from simplistic sand floor cabanas to hotel style cabanas which have air conditioning. Many of these resorts have thier own restaurants and spa services as well. With or without electricity, the Tulum "hotel district" is sure to suit your comfort needs.


Tulum ( i .e., the Zona Hotelera) is an odd place. On the one hand, it has one of the world’s longest and most beautiful beaches, with great boutique hotels, some really good restaurants and is 100% safe, clean and friendly. On the other hand, Tulum is a brand-new make-believe Disneyland created by the Ministry of Tourism, and is as authentic as the Mexican Pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair. Tulum is “Mexico By Marriott” with all that that implies. If you have been reading the Rum Diaries and you want to drink mezcal at a dive bar and eat tacos from a greasy grill, Tulum isn’t it. If you want a winter vacation spot where the weather is great and everything is easy, then Tulum it is. My memo to the MofT would be this: (1) de-emphasize the New Age agenda, there are too many hippies; (2) add one small five-star hotel of the Relais & Chateau variety; and (3) de-emphasize the Disney aspect and allow some authenticity to creep in with some seedy bars and taco stands. Overall, it’s a fabulous destination with superb winter weather and there’s really nothing to complain about. Pueblo de Tulum: A nice small town with many restaurants and gift shops, plus two modern supermarkets. Charming and very safe.