HC de Monterrey on Constituyentes at 30th Avenue, across from Mega . They are a hole in the wall restaurant but for about $10.00 USD you can have the  "arrachera nacional paquete:" mouthwatering steak, baked potato, 1/2 avocado, hot sauce, tortillas and a soft drink. 

The pushcarts at Juarez and 5th Ave. for breakfast: try the tacos de cochinita pibil or tortas de cochinita pibil (sandwiches) Addicting! They close around noon. Classic local breakfast.

Los Carboncitos: calle 4 just west of 5th, the best tacos al pastor.   Frosted mugs for your beer.


 PG's Sandbox Bar and Grill, also known as Pinche Gringo's is a well known sports near Mamita's beach. Their shrimp tacos are renowned. Totally outdoor area under the Royal Oasis condos in a covered plaza setting with 7 screens and 4 satellites. Excellent menu and reasonable prices on 26th Street and 1st Avenue.

La Pesca: 30th Avenue near Calle 16, across from Mega.  Great prices and some of the best seafood in town.  Their cazuela de camarones is a locals' favorite.

 El Oasis (Highway location at approximately calle 10, across from Hertz): great shrimp tacos with cold beer. The shrimp tacos at the calle 12 location seem to have too much breading.

La Brisas: calle 4 and 10th Ave. for good ceviche and seafood

La Tarraya: on the beach at Calle 2 for inexpensive cold beer, ceviche. Fish fillet lunch special with different sauces for 50 pesos. Great place to relax and sink your toes into the sand while eating and drinking.

El Pirata: on 40th Ave. between 5th Ave. & 10th Ave. Very local. You get to pick out the fish you want which is priced per kilogram.  90 pesos and it was big. It was Red Snapper deep fried and it was great.


El Fogon: Three locations:  Constituyentes and 30th Avenue, 30th Avenue and Calle 30 and 30th Ave. at Calle 6 bis. Great local restaurant for tacos al pastor and other Mexican dishes. Their frijoles charros are the best in town. 

El Faisan y Venado is a Mayan restaurant located in a hotel at Juarez and highway 307.

La Bamba Jarocha: 30th Ave. around calle 36. Local place for great seafood soup, ceviche and seafood dishes

Pollos Asados Sinaloa: Calle 2 at 20th ave. Great roasted ¼ chicken, served with rice, salsa, onions and a soft drink, for 35 pesos as of August ‘07. There are a few other locations around too. Very local.

Tacos Gomez on Calle 2 by the colectivos stop. Good grilled pork and beef tacos (under 10 pesos each).

Carnitas Duro on 30th Ave between 24th & 26th. Deep fried pork tacos - you choose the cut - the cheek is excellent. Spanish only.

El Jurado on Constituyentes just east of 30th Ave. Huaraches (a long thick tortilla) with beans, cheese and your choice of other toppings. Arrachera and mushrooms is  a favorite, but try the pollo tinga.

Posoleria de mi Abuelita on 30th Ave between 20th and 22nd. Little grandma's posole, what else can one say?

Carnitas Teresita on Calle 1 sur between 20th and 25th (2 blocks west of CH Super Carnes), La Portena on Calle 38 just east of 10th Ave, El Pastorica on 30th Ave and 28th  and a couple of late night places up in the colosio (around calle 46 and 30th Ave

Be brave,  sit down at a plastic table and order from the poster board menu.  It just might be the meal of your life.