Playa is a fun town, and there is no shortage of shops in its downtown area!  There are many bright and attractive stores that will catch your attention and make you open your wallet.  How do you choose which place to go?  Many of the stores have the same items.  And the prices are not really firm in any of them.  So, it might not matter to you.  It may be fun to visit them all.  Or, on the other hand, you can probably find all the Mexican souvenirs you want in one store, and you'll be able to barter the price down to what you think is reasonable.

Be prepared, though, when walking the street.  The shopkeepers are very aggressive in their attempts to get your business.  They will call out to you, they will come out and display their items right in front of you.  And if you show any interest in their shop, they will continue to push product after product onto you, hoping that you will take a bite.  Don't seem over-enthused by anything.  Shop around, check out the whole shop.  Most shops do not price their items.  You can ask the clerk, and he/she will quote some price (possibly off the top of their head).  Be sure to talk them down.  They expect you to lowball their number, just as they are highballing the real price.  You will usually be able to purchase the item you want for 2/3 of the price you're first quoted.  And if you purchase several items, you can probably go even lower.

Just be sure you want the item before you get into a bidding war.  It can be very easy to start down the road of bartering on an item that you haven't spent much time inspecting (for quality or state of repair).  If you go shopping with the right attitude, it can be a fun part of your trip!

Also beware of some creative merchants who may try to add a $1 or two to the cost of your purchase. If you question them they are likely to remove it - just make sure you know what you should be paying and check the receipt 2x to be sure. Don't be shy about questioning anything unusual.