Playa del Carmen is small enough that you can walk everywhere fairly easily. However, should you need a taxi, cabs are plentiful and relatively inexpensive. Taxi fares are determined by different zones, outlined in this rate sheet. Traveling within one zone costs fourteen pesos, and rates rise as you travel between zones. To travel to an adjacent zone generally costs 17 pesos (except to Zone 5/Playacar, which is more expensive), and then the rate increases incrementally as you travel into additional zones. To go from zone 3 to zone 4, for example, costs 25 pesos, as it is necessary to travel through zones 2 and 1 to reach zone 4. Taxis in zone 5 cost 40 pesos. Zone 1 is the area between Calle 7 and Calle 34, and east of Diagonal 85. Zone 2 is north of Calle 34, with zone 3 being farther north. Zone 5 is the area west of diagonal 85, and zone 5 is the area known as Playacar.

Car Rental

Several car rental agencies are located in the town, with additional agencies at the airport. Agencies will usually have you sign an open credit card slip to insure themselves against damages. Before renting a car, be aware that driving in Mexico can be an ordeal, as drivers frequently disregard rules and speed limits.  Also, be advised that some U.S. chains are not actually associated with the U.S. company, but franchise the name.  When travelling, they can run out of cars and don't provide assistance in finding a car.  Before signing the contract, thoroughly inspect any cars for scratches and damage, including things you would not consider, ie. whether there is a spare tire in the trunk, and make sure all items are noted on the contract in writing.