If you wish to go yourself from Playa del Carmen, it is really easy. Here is how to do it:


  • (option 1)  take an ADO bus from either of the 2 bus terminals to downtown Cancun (which is the main bus station in Cancun). Should cost about 68 pesos for a first class ticket www.ado.com.mx
  • From there, take the R1 bus opposite the main station to Playa Tortugas (pay about10 pesos for a ticket). When you get near Playa Tortugas, there are big ultramar signs (you can also take a bus to Puerto Juarez).
  • At the ferry terminal, buy a return ticket for the ferry, remember last ferry is 5.30pm, depending on time of year.
  • Isla Mujeres is a large island, so consider hiring a scooter or golf buggy to get around.
  • (option 2) from Playa del Mar, take a collectivo (shuttle bus) from calle 2, between 10th and 15th ave, they will drop you on main highway in Cancun. Then take a taxi (or bus) to ferry terminal (either at playa tortugas or Puerto Juarez). Enjoy!