Remember that Playa del Carmen is colloquial, playful, about old times. Now you can have again the Bohemian Barrio where you could have a creative leisure, where you could visit the 5th Avenue Xaman-Ha  with a different purpose: dinner with the family, friends, listening to music  ART, CULTURE live in a city that is no longer small, but his romantic and charming vocation, refuses to go away. It is a pleasure to have in Playa del Carmen  a bit of culture. What better to do on a Thursday but go to CAMINARTE 5a  Xaman-ha is the only art show in town. An opportunity for artists who live in Playa del Carmen to  show their art. In addition to meeting other artists to exchange ideas, to have that sense of belonging to a community, this coexistence arises a movement to generate an interest for ARTS and CULTURE to the new generations coming to the city.

But things have their ways to reach out  it was not easy. CAMINARTE arises from the intention of a group of residents and tenants of the 5a  Xaman-ha to revive the pleasure to visit the  city .

5a Ave  Xaman-Ha  runs from Constituyentes Streets 18 to 38... this  area  has the best variety of restaurants , boutiques and bohemian flavor of a Playa. There you can find people living in the city that ensures the quality of services. When you visit Playa del Carmen not to go to the 5a Avenue  Xaman-Ha is not to see and feel the heart of the city.

Thursday of CAMINARTE