There is wonderful snorkling at Garrafon. If you want to island hop, you can stay in Cancun, take a 140 pesos ( RT) quick ferry ride to Isla Mujeres and go snorkling at Garrafon. There are more fish to see than in Cancun as there is less activity and less tourists there to scare them away. Tip- Leave early to catch the sun hitting the aqua blue waters! The 1st ferry from Cancun leaves at 6:00 am.

At the cemetery at the north end of the island there is the grave of a real pirate with crossbones and scull. His house and lands at midpoint on the Island, the Hacienda Mundaca, offers a look at the island's land formations, plant life and wildlife such as butterflies and lizards.  There are only cages of spider monkeys  and some wild pigs left in the failing zoo. NOTE: the zoo has closed and the monkeys and other animals have been relocated.   It costs 2 dollars to get in but to enjoy this sight you must look for what is there not what you want to see. There have been complaints that the place was not worth the price of admission because people wanted a drive through experience --- Where everything is on the menu and easy to access.  Walk the property slowly and discover ---  enjoy the butterfliesand emerald lizards walk on the paths.

 The Mayan ruins at Punta Sur are small, only one wall is standing.  They charge to walk out to see them and say that the money is for the art metal sculptures that line the area. Make sure you walk all the way down to the water. The path hugs the cliffs and offers many opportunities for stunning photographs.  Do climb the lighthouse and take in the view, 360 degrees of beauty was worth the ride.