Either taxis or rental cars can be used in Cozumel.  (Scooter) Moped rental is not recommended due to safety issues, Many accidents are caused because most of of the American people can not drive an automatic scooter,  do not be pressured by the motorcycle rental agencies.

Taxi fares are regulated by the union and should be standard fare price at all times.  Occasionally, taxi drivers will attempt to negotiate with visitors or to over-charge visitors.  Should this occur, the taxi driver’s information, hanging in the car, should be taken down and provided to the union.  Standard taxi rates which visitors should know include:

  • Travel from town to hotels north of Cozumel:  $5-8
  • Car Rentals $30-65 
  • Travel from town to hotels south of Cozumel:  $10-20
  • Travel from town to Chankanaab: $9
  • Travel in and around town: $3
  • Island Tour: $60-80. (negotiable as to details)

Note that these rates are for one or two people with additional charges allowed for more passengers.

Car rental prices should be the same on the island of Cozumel as they are on the nearby mainland.   However, visitors with internet access should double-check rates.   Rental cars are often not allowed on the ferry to and from the mainland.   The 3 main rental car companies which are used are Hertz, Avis and Executive, all of which are located at the airport.   Be sure to have a copy of your confirmation agreement with you when you claim your car; otherwise the agents at the airport might say they have no cars for you.  Other rental car companies are located within the city, primarily in downtown Cozumel, and they may be fairly priced.  Do not rent a car before seeing it, as some of the agencies rent unsafe worn out vehicles .   Car rental can also often be arranged through hotels.  More information on driving can be found in Trip Advisor's Cozumel Inside Pages.

As a rule, people in Cozumel are very laid back, fair, and easy to deal with.  The local businesses provide great value and exceptional service.  Unfortunately, the car rental agencies are an exception to that rule.  Travelers should be very wary of the Cozumel Car Rental Agencies.  Do not assume that because you are dealing with a name brand car rental agency such as Thrifty or Herz you will be treated fairly.  It is NOT uncommon to be charged  "mandatory" liability insurance that costs more than the fee you were quoted for renting the car.  Even if you have a printed reservation clearly stating that liability insurance is optional, the agency may refuse to honor the price that was quoted. Don't deal with desk agents soliciting bribes in exchange for better rates and phony exchange rates that increase price over what the customer was quoted.   Great care should be used in all aspects of these transactions (especially including car inspections), these gentlemen are well practiced in the art of presenting travelers with enough hassles that they throw up their hands and cough up extra cash.