There are three main methods by which most visitors choose to get around Cozumel.  The first is simply to walk.  The second is to rent a moped, but most people agree this can be very dangerous to visitors unaccustomed to local traffic.  The third is to rent a car -- this is the best method if you intend to explore the south or east of the island.  People generally walk to destinations within town and ride or drive to the outlying areas where the hotels and beaches are.

 Savvy visitors can avoid high taxi prices and the monotony of walking everywhere by renting a bycycle.  There are many options available, from single-speed cruises to 21 speed mountain bikes.  Biking is the absolute best way to explore San Miguel -- you can cover more ground with less effort.  All bars and restaurants allow bikers to park/lock in front of the establishments.  Sombrero Rentals is the only known Cozumel bike rental agency with a web page.  The owner, Rogelio, responds quickly to e-mails.

Getting around Cozumel on the roads is relatively easy in terms of the simplicity of the road system but drivers must always be highly alert and aware of all driving rules.  Things which drivers should know include:

  • Don’t forget that any sign reading ALTO means STOP.
  • Downtown is always packed with cars, taxis, mopeds, bicycles and pedestrians so either avoid the area or be careful.
  • Moped riders must wear helmets.
  • Mopeds are only supposed to drive up on one side of cars but they often drive up on the other side so be aware of blind spots on either side of your vehicle.
  • Right turns are allowed on red.
  • Seat belts are mandatory in front and back seats.
  • The main road along the waterfront should be avoided at all costs.  It is crowded and dangerous in terms of driving, despite the great view of the water.  Save your views for your walking time.
  • There is only one road that goes to the south end of the island, along the east coast and back through the center of the island to downtown Cozumel, so this is the road to know about.
  • Travel from north to south across the island has the right of way and does not stop.  Travel from east to west will have to stop at every intersection until the north-south traffic has passed.
  • If your renting a car always be sure to watch out for Motos (Scooters) because there are many. Great place to get Cozumel car rental info and rules: www.Cozumel-tours.Net