In order to get to Cozumel you can fly directly into the island's airport (CZM), or fly into Cancun (CUN) take a bus south to Playa del Carmen, and from there take the passenger ferry.  There are two competing ferry companies that alternate high speed ferry service each hour. . Crossing is about 30 min.  Do not buy a roundtrip ticket---no price advantage and it restricts you to returning on the same ferry company which may not be the most convenient time. The ferry Ultramar somtimes offers live music on the upper , outside deck. Some enjoy it, some do not. If its not to your liking , sit on the air conditioned lower deck, where you will find most of the locals ride. Note: If you tend to get sea sick, the views differ on the best place to sit . The ride is smoother near the center on the air conditioned lower deck but some prefer the fresh air of the upper deck. Its a matter of what works best for you. And the ride is usually smooth so as not to be a problem with either place that you choose.

You can buy online your transport in advanced. Here are two companies:

Important update regarding travel to Mexico, Canada, Central and South America, the Caribbean, and Bermuda:

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Always cars available but best to book in advance for the best price. One excellent place  to book a car or jeep and save money is Isis Car Rental. They both offer low prices with insurance included. The above Cozumel Informational Guide Sites offer lots of info on Cozumel, What to do in Cozumel, "Do it Yourself Guides", Events, News, Articles and more. 

 Remember to always be careful when booking tours with tour salesman because you never know what you'll get. Many tours available on the island and best to wait until you arrive for the best price.

 Always book your Airport transportion ahead of time or pay double.  The above Cozumel Info Sites are a great place to book a Airport Shuttle, Taxi or bus. This way your not stuck waiting at the airport or paying $20 per person.