Often when people come to Cozumel they are in need of a detailed  Cozumel Street Map  of San Miguel to take advantage of all the areas of Cozumel. You can pick up the Big Yellow Map of Cozumel, a map that includes all the streeets, neighborhoods, businesses, government offices, parks and more at any Cinco Soles location and many other business in town.  For a free Big Yellow Beach Map of Cozumel, stop by any car or moto rental location.

You'll see the Neighborhoods in Cozumel full of life, particularly after 9:00 p.m. where families are sitting outside their homes, kids playing (yes in the streets), and neighborhood tiendas active as people shop for their small needs at the corner store.  Notice that even though the population is nearing 80,000 people, their is a high population density because of the amount of people living inside each small home.  In the evening, local folks use hooks embedded in the concrete interior walls to hang their hammocks to sleep.  Who needs their own bedroom and a waste of sq. ft. when you can string up a bunch of hammocks in the evenings and remove them in the day? 

Some neighborhoods have a little local Internet place, as most families do not have Internet access.  Dogs on the streets, cats with their Spring litters, bikes, scooters and TVs on in every room of someone's house.  Music is blaring as you drive by but most of all.... you'll get the sense of simple splendor and family.  Cozumel doesn't have a lot to worry about, as most don't have a lot.  There is something to be said about this simpler lifestyle.  

Some of the places that are of interest to the tourist are:

  • Costera Norte is one of the two main areas where the Cozumel hotels are located.  The hotels of Costera Norte are primarily resort hotels located on the beach.  At the north end of the road running through Costera Norte, a boat can be taken further north to the private island, Isla de Pasion.
  • Costera Sur is the other main hotel area and also the place where a major portion of the favorite beaches are located.
  • San Gervasio Ruins are located inside a national park that itself is located inside a state park, near the centrer of the island.  Visit http://www.mayasites.com/gervasio.html for more information.
  • Punta Sur is an ecological park at the southern end of the island where you can swim, birdwatch, snorkel, climb atop a lighthouse, or visit a nautical museum.  Travel on around the southern point and you can then drive northward along the eastern side ('The Other Side") of the island, and enjoy miles of white sand beaches.
  • San Miguel de Cozumel is the area of Cozumel which is referred to locally as “town.”  The avenue running along the seafront of San Miguel is Avenida Rafael Melgar, a street which most tourists are familiar with because it is the street where most of the bars, restaurants, and shops are located.  The atmosphere associated with the town is that of historic Mexico garnished with modern conveniences.