Cozumel is served by three major television suppliers. Cablemas, SKY Satellite TV and the U.S. based Dish Network Satellite TV.  DirecTV has entered the Latin market, but its penetration is not as great as the aforementioned providers.

Before you lick your chops at the selection, note that Cablemas focuses on Latin interest programming and carries very few U.S. sports programs. When they do pick up U.S. networks, it is usually overdubbed on Spanish. It is actually fun to listen to as the sports announcers get very excited at what most consider in the U.S. to be simple plays. Cablemas is offered at most of the hotels and “local” type bars.

SKY TV is similar in programming to Cablemas and is also offered at a number of bars. However, it also has limited U.S. programming.

That leaves Dish Network as the leading provider of U.S. based TV programming. There’s only one problem. Dish doesn't technically broadcast to Mexico . So how does everyone get it? With really big dish antennas to pick up the stray signals from the three satellites that are purposely focused on the U.S.  This all sounds good except that when satellite TV started carrying local network channels, Congress completely screwed up the rules for where anyone can receive channels regarding the major networks of ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX. (No surprise there, is it?) Consequently, some hotels and condos do not receive these four networks. ESPN and the other ESPN type channels are usually picked up.

There are expensive work-arounds to receive these channels, but not worth the cost or trouble for most. However, a few of the local bars in town have paid the fees and installed yet more antennas to capture these “stray” signals from U.S. based network TV stations. If you are staying at a hotel, ask the bartender what channels they get as the channels in your room could be completely different than the ones in the bar.

In descending order of who has the most TV’s and available network channels where you will almost always find a few of the more important games playing at these “U.S. of A” based bars.

Kelley’s- If you’re missing home, stop by Kelley’s. Gene Kelley (yep, that’s his real name) is the (now former) owner and is almost always there. There is usually a game on and the beers are always flowing. He has the most satellite TV channels and TV’s on the island and is more than happy to change it to your game (or even curling for you Canadians.) There are numerous flat panel TV’s at the bar. (Motto: “If you’re drinking, you can watch anything you want.”) It’s a very popular place with the Americans who live there. The food is good, but people really go there for the socializing and to catch their team on TV.  For special event games and championships, Kelley's might have a package deal or small minimum charge to dissuade those that come only to watch the game and not eat or drink. They are located on 10th between 1st and Rosado Salas (south of the square). The ribs and fish & chips are good.  This is mostly an open air place, so if it is raining, this might not be your first choice. $3 beers. 878-4738. The cross-eyed, black cat is named Misha. WiFi 

Hooters opened in 2013 and is located on Melgar in the Punta Langosta shopping center, a few blocks  south of the square and next to Senor Frog's.  They have numerous TV's in the place and probably have the most TV's of any place these days.  The food and beverages are "tourist priced" so break out the wallet if you are drinking a lot. 

Woody’s is located on the NE corner of the square, behind the 7-11 Store on 5th. For those that know Cozumel , this is the old location of Baby Reef. Emphasis is on fresh bar food-not frozen. If you are looking for a good burger, this is the place. They have a couple of TV’s for the game. Cold beer-$1.50 Indoor and outdoor seating. Nice place to hang out and down a beer. AC. WiFi

The Pub is a great place to go if it looks like rain or the weather is cold/breezy as they are a few blocks from the ocean.  The food is great (Bangers and Mash or the Fish and Chips are really good) and on Sundays they usually have pulled pork cooking on the grill.  They are located on Calle 4, between Avenidas 5 and 10. WiFi

The No Name Bar  entered the sports bar market in 2012.  You will find it located under the Barracuda Motel on Melgar.  During the day, the outside bar and pool is a nice place to hang out. 

French Quarter has closed and is now called Casa Cuzamil and is located on Ave. 5 about a block and a half south of the square. This is a good place to catch the game on the 2-3 TV's they have. WiFi

Another place that may also a game on but doesn't have as many TV's is Wet Wendy's.  Other potential places include, Senor Frogs and el Coctelito.  Have a back up plan in case your game isn't on or it is raining at one of the palapa style places.

If there is a really big event like the Super Bowl, World Series, fight or soccer match, many places will post signs in front of their place several days in advance.  Depending on the location and if it is PPV, there may be a small charge or minimum purchase to enjoy the event.