It's convenient and very inexpensive (about USD $0.70 per trip) to get around Cancun by bus. Buses are frequent and come every few minutes. City buses travel up and down the Hotel Zone and into Downtown Cancun and the station there. Not all city buses are air conditioned. You can pay with USD or Mexican Pesos, and the driver will make change if you use pesos. To see a map of all routes go to http://cancun.rutadirecta.com/

Most city buses go out to regions where many locals live. The fares are one way, so if you want to go to the end of the line, you will have to pay another $8.5 Pesos ($1.00 usd if you pay in dollars) to return to the hotel zone. The morning rush hour going into the hotel zone runs from about 6:30-AM to 9:00-AM. The afternoon rush hour heading downtown runs from about 4:30-PM to 7:00-PM. 

The main routes are the R-1 and R-2. These buses run 24/7.

  • The R-1 Bus turns right on Avenue Tulum, goes past city hall, and is where you can get off for the city's main bus terminal (just past the Uxmal Avenue Traffic Circle). The terminal will be directly across Avenue Tulum. 
  • The R-2 Bus is best for going to: Walmart (open 24/7), Sam's Club, Market/Mercado 28, and the Hong Kong Restaurant. Most drivers will say when they get to this stop. 

For those wanting to visit downtown's large Plaza las Americas, take the R-27 Bus. This bus does not run 24/7 and during the day runs about every 20 minutes. It will leave you off right across the street (Avenue Tulum)[** AVE TULUM IS 14 BLOCKS FROM THE MALL, WHICH IS ON COSTA MAYA**] from the plaza. You will get off the bus in front of Sports City. There is no foot bridge so you have to be careful crossing Avenue Tulum or walk back 2 bocks to the corner.

There are 3 private bus lines that go to and from the hotel zone to downtown/centro Cancun. The one-way fare in the hotel zone is $8.5-Pesos (1.00 USD if you pay in dollars). There are now newer, air-conditioned buses that have internet included. All bus-route numbers are displayed on the front windshield. 


First class buses that travel to Playa del Carmen then on to Tulum and to the  Cancun Airport are direct with A/C and often show a movie on board. Tickets can be purchased in the same day. (just ADO)  Mayab buses are second class that make stops along the route and travel to many points in the area. Tickets may be purchased 24 hours in advance and luggage is stored underneath.

In front of the terminal, there are sprinters PLAYA EXPRESS they can take you to  playa del carmen also, and a little bit cheaper than ADO, this sprinter runs each 20 minutes. if you don´t have big luggage with you, this could be a good option 

Across the terminal there are white vans that can take you to playa del carmen. They are a little bit cheaper than ADO buses, but some times they are not really comfortable.


White vans provide transportation up to Puerto Juarez to the ferry to Isla Mujeres and run all along HWY 307 from Cancun to Tulum.  Drivers will drop off and pick up passengers at any point along the highway providing transportation to day excursions like Xel Ha, XcaretAkumalRancho Baaxal, Tulum Mayan site, and Playa del Carmen.