Mercado 23 is NOT the same as Mercado 28. Mercado 23 is a LOCAL market that's definitely worth visiting. It's tucked away from the main street, so make sure you get directions from someone who knows where it is. Outside, there's a gentleman sellling fresh honeycomb from a cart. Walking throught the market you'll also find fresh fruit and vegetable stands, local spices and sauces, a "food court", and the most wonderful pinata shops filled to the ceiling with bags of candy. The market is also a great place to shop for pottery at a decent price (after doing some haggling).

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Family comes to Mexico every year for 8 years and the local people at market 23 have always treated  everyone great. Last year 5 month old granddaughter there and the guys stopped traffic and helped get the stroller across the street. They are people trying to make a living and they are no different than you . They just want to be respected in there own country. Remember in your home town when vacationers come and become aggresive on your turf, how does it make you feel? Family will continue to shop there and would encourage anyone else who wants a good deal to go there. They like you to look in there shops even if you don't buy anything. Also if you go mid week early evening you will get better deals as they may not have sold much during the day. Traveling through Cancun til 10-11 pm has never been a  problem.. ENJOY!!!