Be careful when buying medications while in Mexico.  There are different chains of pharmacies that sell what amounts to plain-wrapped meds. One of the largest chains is called "Farmacias Similares,” which advertises up to 80% savings on medications. (They claim to have the same quality and levels of medications in all their prescriptions as the large labs, but at a fraction of the cost.)  For example, antibiotics that would cost approximately $20.00 in the U.S. may cost as little as $4.00.  The problem?  These ”budget” drugs usually do not meet the same standards as the larger pharmaceutical labs that produce the same meds in the United States or Canada.

To be on the safe side, stick to one of the major pharmacies or places like WalMart, etc. The "real" drugs will have familiar lab markings on them and clearly state ingredients (for example, Pfizer, Merck, Eli-Lily, etc.).

Dateline NBC broadcast of the story, "Inside the world of counterfeit drugs," is very informative about this subject.  The link to check it out is

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