When visiting Taxco you will be amazed at the geographical beauty, the gorgeous weather and the array of good food and interesting things to do- it is truly a jewel of Mexico and one of  the most desirable cities to visit in Mexico.  It is a collector's paradise, and you can find anything from carved masks, baskets, paintings and silver to clothing, purses, and  beautiful flowers, all at very, very low prices.

If you're a history buff and like to hear the stories about the towns' past and significant people and things, the tourist office can provide you with a good guide who can tell you a lot about the town, the churches and everything inside the churches.  The paintings inside the Santa Prisca church are especially rare and interesting.  However, even though the guides are good at guiding they are not good at making shopping and dining referrals if you travel on a budget and are looking for the best price you can get.   The shops they refer you to will most likely be the most expensive in the town- you need to wander off the main street a little to find the best deals. The same is true with dining.

When in Taxco do take time to visit nearby attractions like the Grutas- caves,  and waterfalls.  The Office of Tourism should be able to provide you with or help you find someone who can guide you to see these amazing wildlife attractions.  Wear tennis shoes and bring your bug spray!

For more information about Taxco and the local businesses in Taxco, you can visit Taxco Today.