One of the unique experiences for travelers to San Cristobal is the opportunity to see the  personal collection of Mayan textiles known as the Museo de Trajes Regionales (museum of textiles).  The items are gifts from people who have been helped by Sergio Castro, the owner of the museum and a selfless humanitarian who has worked among the Maya for over 50 years. Don Sergio speaks four Mayan languages and is extremely knowledgeable about the beliefs and customs of the indigenous.

Within the collection are entire ceremonial outfits from many locations in Chiapas. Don Sergio gives personal tours of the museum in English, French and Italian. To arrange an appointment to see the collection, call his home telephone 967 6784289 at either 3 pm or after 7 pm.  The museum is located at Guadalupe Victoria #38.  A donation is requested to see the museum.

Money from donations is used to fund the many projects Don Sergio helps villagers complete.  Projects have included over 30 elementary schools in remote communities, numerous clean water systems to improve health conditions, and wound care for children and adults who have serious burns.  Burns are common in the villages due to the use of a central fire inside homes for cooking and heat.  Unfortunately it is easy for children and adults to have accidents and suffer extensive burns.

At present there is no facility in Chiapas dedicated to burn care.  The wounds often take a long time to heal and the local hospital is not equipped to handle this type of care.  So Don Sergio travels to his patients to change bandages and apply antibiotic creams.  He also sees patients at the museum and at private hospitals in San Cristobal.

If you want to understand more about Mayan culture and also be inspired by how much one person can do to help those in need, visit the museum.